10 App Store Optimization Tools To Help You Out

App Store Optimization ( ASO ) is an optimization technique which will improve the visibility of your application in the app store. The better ranking your website has for a specific keyword in App stores such as iTunes or Google Play the more it will be downloaded by users. We are listing some of the tools to help you out in this

1. MobileDevHQ – In their free account you can track up to 10 Apps ( iOS and Android ), also you can track up to unlimited region for unlimited keywords and analyze unlimited competitor. It also gives you keyword suggestions and tells you about competitor’s keywords in Free version.

mobile dev Hq

2. AppSnippetPreviewIt’s a FREE service, you can use this to see how exactly your App will look in app store, you just have to fill out some basic detail and then you can see App store preview in iPhone, Ipad, Android Smartphone and Tablets

app store snipper

3. AppRankCornerYou can track up to 5 Apps for all countries for 50 keywords per Apps. It also sends you email reports and keyword suggestions. It also has download and revenue tool. and all these things are FREE.

app rank corner

4. AppNiqueIt is Free forever for 1 App, in this, you can use up to 15 keywords and it will suggest maximum 10 keywords for you. You can also track up to 5 competitors in it.


5. AppCodesThis tool is best for iOS application. It can suggest App SEO, Competitor, Keyword Module and Press mention very effectively.

app codes

6. SearchManThis tolls can track for 3 countries US, UK and Japan. This works after the app has been launched and fetch data directly from App Store Page of the APP


7. SensorTower This works similar to searchman but it gives an overall graph of the important factor in a more simpler way.


8. AppTweakThis tool helps us to optimize our app according to app store guidelines. Also, you can choose more countries with it unlike searchman who target only 3 country


9. KeywordToolThis tool can suggest thousands of related keywords for your main keywords. Also, it almost has all the countries in it, so you can target more countries from it.


10. AppStaticsTrack your iPhone, iPad and Mac App ranking



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