5 Free Facebook Tools Every Marketer Should Use

Almost all of us are using Facebook as our primary social media to drive traffic, but before creating ad or while using Facebook we must analyze some things in it to be successful in it. That is why we listed 5 of the powerful free tools which can help marketers

1. Audince Insight By Facebook – You can get an idea about your targeted audience. you can see data according to interest, which will be divided into demographics, page likes, location and activity

Facebook insight

2. Facebook Debug Tool By Facebook- If you update your old blogpost or webpage Facebook doen’t update its new Meta automatically, so for doing this you need to debug the link so that you can fetch new data and images

facebook debug tool

3. Headline Analyzer by coschedule – whenever some one reads your blog they relate it to its Headline or title. Also title is always the finding criteria for both search engine and social media. The more powerful your title is the more visitor you got ( off course content quality always matters ). This tool helps you to find exact title for your blog post

Here I used ‘ 5 Free Facebook Tools Every Marketer Should Use ‘ as my title and below is the breakdown of the results

headline analyzer 1

It also analyze the length of the title

headline analyzer 2

It also calculate emotion and keyword as a factor

headline analyzer 3

4. Facebook Barometer By Agorapulse – By using this simple tool you can keep track of your fanpage against average performance of almost 10,000 big pages. Also you can analyze your monthly organic reach and Viral reach against those pages


Analyze viral reach too

barometer viral

5. PagemodoYou can create cover page, custom tabs, contest, posts and designer post from one place

Cover Page – It is really easy to create a custom cover photo for your page, you can even see how the cover will look on your page

cover page

Custom Tab – you can create a contact us page, or a product display app or any other pages in those custom tabs, there are hundreds of free theme available for the same

custom tabs

Contest – You can run contest directly from them but unfortunately all of the contest is paidcontest

Post – you can scheduled post, find status to post, edit video and post. Almost everything is in it

social post

Post Design – In this you can design your own post in very simple way

post design

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