How To Add CTA In Organic Facebook Post

We all know adding ‘call to action’ helps users to make a decision and take action, it increases user engagement and bring traffic to your website from social media, Facebook already have a call to action on top of the page but it doen’t have CTA for organic post but there is a way we can add CTA to organic post

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For example see below GIF and CTA

GIF Enabled CTA

Now here how we can do that

For This We Need –

  1. Power Editor
  2. Google Chrome – Since Power editor run on Google Chrome Browser smoothly

Step 1 – Open you power editor

Step 2 – Go to All Tools -> Page posts

Step 3 – > Now Click on Create Post

It will create a popup like this, choose appropriate CTA

Now go to giphy and search for a gif or upload your GIF in giphy

For example I used this GIF

make sure by debugging tool that it is debugged properly – See Here

Now fill everything as shown, use text according to the content and check ‘ This post will be published on page’, then click on ‘create post’

Step 4 – sometime post is not visible to general users, if it is visible then there is no need to do this step if not then do following step

Now you will see post in your dashboard, click on it

Now click on time,


You will land to your page post

now press share and share it in your own page , In below screenshot I checked ‘ Include Original Post’, un check it

You will have your GIF post with CTA

See Post Here

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