Burst Video For Business and Strategy Behind Creating One

Burst Video is used by many businesses nowadays, the reason is simple they can explain things in a better way which also leaves more impact to the users. So here I am going to explain it to you what is Burst video and how we can get benefit from it . Burst video is a short video with a time span of the 3-5 minute which concentrates on a single topic.For example, in below video BBC created a burst video for black Friday

Why Should We be using Burst Video?

  1. A video connects users to more personal level
  2. People can remember visual better than text
  3. The majority of Internet traffic is going to be on videos in future because people don’t have time to read long blog post nowadays.
  4. It is cheap to produce
  5. It can explain things in a better way
  6. It should be of 3-5 minute max so the user doesn’t lose their interest and the topic is focused
  7. It creates value for the business
  8. If video is large then we can cut down it to a series of video where each video explains individual problems and its solutions

Where Should We Use Burst Video & How?

  1. About page of business website
  2. First fold of the page where user wants to introduce its business ( For example kuvva & Amazing Alex uses video as introduction)
  3. One thing here is to remember if there is an actual person in the video then it creates more trust to the users.

How Can Business Use Burst Video ?

  • Short Tips and Tricks

  • Video Graphics

  • Information
  • Problem solving

  • Remember in video you have to deliver value in the start of the video otherwise people will skip it and won’t actually watch or share
  • The idea is simple – Give as much as value to the user in a short time
  • If you keep your audience engaged then they will come back again and subscribe to you, they will also share your video which will give you more audience
  • To make an effective video you have to know your audience mindset to do this test them with different videos whichever is performing well is the key to success
  • Video should be share friendly, means your website Social Media Optimization should be good enough so that user can share video directly from your web page
  • In each video ask users to share, like and subscribe it to increase audience range
  • In one video have only one clear message and if you have several messages or issues to resolve then make a series of video, this will also create more opportunity to target more keyword in the Niche
  • In video show your business personality
  • Video should be easy to understand by layman and properly optimized for keyword targeting

Burst Video For Your Business?

  • Remember Perfect Burst Video does not exist
  • You have to try and see the response of the users, enhance where response is coming more and the deliver it again
  • In video marketing, Audio is king if your audio is not good then users will annoy, so use a good USB Mic
  • PowerPoint or Keynote can deliver a good valued video to your audience (You can make or search for Free PowerPoint Video Templates)
  • For video editing I recommend you to use Camtasia, it is very easy tool to use
  • Research, Identify the problem and give solution to the problem and for deeper solution, you can recommend using service/product of your business
  • Help user with ‘ How to’ and ‘ Do It Yourself’ kind of video
  • Create focused video take your time to write awesome script and deliver it according to that
  • We have here 90-10 rules, it means 90% should be information and only 10% should be promotion
  • If you focused on content you don’t even need that 10% of promotion and your product/service will be sold
  • Build trust using the video
  • Each video should have ‘ Call To Action’, which pushes users to do action, so use it properly

I hope I clear some of the points regarding how a burst video should be made and how we can utilize to engage users.

Arbab Usmani Written by:

A self taught Growth Hacker cum Digital Marketing, who wants to mark dent on the ecosystem by spreading right kind of knowledge to the people so the health of ecosystem improve.

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