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Often we want to save Pdf or PPT From Slideshare but we were not able to do so because most of the awesome PPT is locked and owner doen’t give normal user access to download it. Here I am going to explain how we can download restricted files with a little trick. Also I will be providing some tools which can make your work even easier

Restriction – U cannot edit it
Overcoming to restriction – It might be possible to edit them using flash or any swf editor ( not tested)

Note – It has lots of manual work so if you are lazy then leave it

Example doc –

Step 1 – Open the doc and press ctrl+U to see its source code and look for meta name=”thumbnail”

and copy the URL against it

slideshare 1

In this case doc case URL is –

Step 2 – Now remove the ” -thumbnail.jpg?cb=1269375470″ and ” /ss_thumbnails” part

The new URL will be –

now add .xml extension in the last part of the url you will get a list of swf files

New Url will be –

slideshare 2

Step 3 – Now open Powerpoint ( I have 2013 version so opening example will be on that only )

Go to File and then option

powerpoint dev 1

then customize ribbon

powerpoint dev 2
Check developer tab and press ok

powerpoint dev 3

Step 4 – In developer tab select more control

powerpoint dev 4
you will see a popup select shockwave flash object as shown in picture below

powerpoint dev 5

Step 5 – Now once you select it you will see your cursor changed into a + sign,
select whole slide with it ( Hold and Drag )

once you do this you will see something like below picture


Step 6 – right click on slide and go to ” property Sheet”

a panel will open go to movie option and against that movie option there is a blank space,

now go to your xml file (
and copy 1st slide swf and put it in that blank space

and play the slide once by pressing F5


Repeat this process for other slides

Apart From this you can use below tools for quick result but it is better to know how things work also so that if software doesn’t work then you can do it manually

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