How To Extract Unique Domain From Thousands Of Links

When doing competitor research we often get backlinks from Semrush, Ahrefs or Moz’s Open Site Explore or from many other tools. The problem we face is that sometimes we have many repeated link from same domain and we don’t want to check them all. Here I am going to show you how within 30 second we can extract unique domain name, thanks Harshit for teaching me this trick

Step 1 – Open the xls sheet , as you can see I have around 10,000 links therenumber of links

Step 2 – Go to Data Tab and press text to column, there will be a popup window as shown in image, press next in it

text to column

Step 3 – Check other in delimiters, and put ‘/’ without quote and press next and then press finish


you will see your sheet something like below image

sheet after delimiters

Step 4 – Now select column ‘C’ and press remove duplicates and choose ‘continue with the current selection’ and press remove duplicates, you will see a window just press ‘OK’ in it

remove duplicates

and you just deleted all the duplicates and have unique domains

removed duplicates


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