How To Hack LinkedIn To Grow Your Network

LinkedIn is a beast when it comes to people and corporate connection, around 50 million people from India is alone in LinkedIn, almost every company is in LinkedIn, and LinkedIn has an Alumni network, fortunately, we can manipulate its URL

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Whenever you go to its alumni network it will redirect you to according to your university, for example, go here – Click here to go to alumni network in LinkedIn it will redirect you to your university

E.G – I studied Mechanical Engineering ( yes that is the reason you see word ‘Inline’ in this blog name, it define my origin a little bit) from ITER, Bhubaneshwar, LinkedIn will show ITER’s alumni network to me, check the URL in below image

Now you can see your friends in your alumni network, let’s hack it to dispose entire network of LinkedIn at your screen

we are going to use operators here, what I did here I target genders not the university in URL, in above image ( ITER’s alumni network) you can see 4,966 people are on LinkedIn.

Now I am going to replace my university name to ‘ male%20OR%20(NOT%20male) ‘

The new URL will look something like this –

Now Suppose you are a corporate alliance guy and you need to contact HR from Gurgaon, below is the step you can use to reach targeted people.

Step 1 – Choose Gurgaon from ‘ where the live’

Step 2 – Choose Human Resource from ‘ What they do’

If you want to customize via company you can choose company from ‘ where they work’

and boom, also note that you can get some people who is not HR due to some database problems but 99% will be of same job profile you selected

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A self taught Growth Hacker cum Digital Marketing, who wants to mark dent on the ecosystem by spreading right kind of knowledge to the people so the health of ecosystem improve.

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