How To Do Competitor Content Research In Social Media

We all want to know where the content of your competitor goes in social media, what kind of content they post based on specific keyword of your niche and where they post, or what are your other competitor in ecom platform like amazon, so here is a quick trick to do that

This can be done by manipulating Facebook graph search or other search string in Google, experiment it with site like Twitter and linkedin and you will get more result, but for ease of users I am using a FREE tool called ‘ Niche Miner’

Link –

Go to the link and Login using FacebookNiche miner FB login

Experimental Keyword – Green tea

Experimental Website – (don’t use www version of the website i.e

once you login you will land to below page, by default it is set to Facebook tab

miner for FB

Now lets put our keyword and desired website as shown below, I am using example keyword and example website, customize it according to you

mining form

Now you will land to a FB search page see all the public post where your keyword and your domain name both are mentioned

Now if you scroll down and you are a company which sells Green tea can see which competitor of yours are active in social media and from what type of content


fb competitor

If you scroll down you can see in which group people post about this, by this you will find the group you need to target

fb group post

Now Go to Pinterest tab and scroll down to find ‘ Green Tea’ as shown in picture and click


You will find content ideas regarding your next blog post or info graphics for you brand

green tea pinterest

Amazon Movers and shakers – here you can’t target Green tea but you can definitely can see that what products are gaining the category they fall in

Choose Health & Personal Care category as shown in image

amazon movers and shakers

You will immediately land to page

amazon movers and shakers 2

If you want to research about Amazon in your country then just change its URL extension for example I changed .com to .in

amazon change url

and you can see Amazon India ‘ Movers and shakers’

amazon india

Now we will get back to our keyword ‘ Green Tea’

now this search combination will find link shared in Facebook and which contain keyword ‘ Green Tea’

Do as shown below image

miner bitly

You will find google serp result of FB

bitly green tea fb google

We will get this

gree tea example fb post


Experiment with the keyword and website and you will find different results, Hope this article helps marketers specially who are into eCommerce selling and affiliation business

Arbab Usmani Written by:

A self taught Growth Hacker cum Digital Marketing, who wants to mark dent on the ecosystem by spreading right kind of knowledge to the people so the health of ecosystem improve.

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