How To Make Whiteboard Video Manually Without Any Expensive Software

Many of marketers struggled with such video, some of the websites provide the video making of such type for Free but they put their logo in it, below is an example of such kind of video

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So how we can make one, here is a little tutorial regarding this

Tools required – Powerpoint

Font Required – Anything which looks like hand written

Step 1 – Open your Powerpoint and put the text in it using word art, choose a hand written kind of font

Change the font, I am using ‘A Charming Font Superexpanded’

Step 2 – Animate the text as ‘ Appear’

Now go to animation panel and double click the effect, and set animated text as ‘ by letter’ and second delay as 0.1 sec

Step 3 – Go to Google and search ” whiteboard hand png “, you will get many option choose one, for example I choose below hand

Now Insert this hand and position at the starting point of your text, make your text Bigger if you think it should be bigger

Step 4 – Now choose hand and go to animation and choose a custom path as shown, practice will make you perfect in it

Step 5 – Now we animated the hand and animated the text but they are not in sync, we have to make them in sync , open animation pan and in your hand animation check ‘start with previous’

You can further Improve this in individual animation setting and can make it more smooth

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