How To Make Youtube Channel Intro For Free

These are small tutorials for the people who wants to open their Youtube channel and often struggle with Intros and outros. These are very simple tricks and the difficulty level would be easy. Hope my readers will like it. I am going to tell you only about Intros but you can do it for Outros too

Note – I am putting this title as Free because you can use some free editors like movie makers too instead of paid software called Filmora, Trick one and trick two can be done totally free while in trick two you need Filmora, no other free software can do it, so majority wins

Trick 1 – Create Intro Video From Powerpoint

Step 1 – Go to Google and search “intro video Powerpoint template free” without quote. you will find several PPT there in 1st page, for example I choose –

Step 2 – Download PPT and open it

download PPT

Step 3 – In this template you need to change the text, I changed mine as “Arbab Usmani – Digital Marketing Expert“, also delete extra slides

edit text

Step 4 – Click Save as

save as template

click save as type and select MPEG – 4 Videosave as video

Step 5 – Now we will add audio, you can use either royalty free audio or inbuilt audio of the editor you are going to use, here we are going to use ‘ Wondershare Filmora ‘, It is very cheap and you can buy it for only 49$$ for lifetime, Free edition will leave a bookmark or if you don’t want to buy it use Windows Movie Maker, the process will be the same. launch Filmora and choose full feature mode

But since this is a tutorial for youtubers then I expect them to have a paid editing software liike Filmora or Camtasia

filmora full feture

Import your video

import video

Step 6 – Drag your video to video timeline

Drag video

Step 7 – click to music tab and choose a track and drag it to music timeline, also trim audio to the length of video

add music

Step 8 – Export video


Choose your video format

choose your type

Change setting

change setting

and export


Here we have a clean intro video

Trick 2 – Filmora default Intro maker

Step 1 – Open Filmora as and go to text/credit

text credit

Step 2 – Choose any template and drag it to text timeline


Double click and edit text and click ok

edit text

Repeat step 7 and 8 of first trick to adding audio and exporting video

Here is result –

Trick 3 – Youtube+ Filmora

Step 1 – Go to Youtube and search ‘intro template no text’ and choose a decent video and download it

I am using this template – > please buy it if some one is selling it


Step 2 – Import it to Filmora and drag it to Video timeline

drag video

Step 3 – Go to Text/credit and overlap its timeline to video


Repeat step 2 of trick 2 and then repeat step 8 of trick 1

Here is result

Arbab Usmani Written by:

A self taught Growth Hacker cum Digital Marketing, who wants to mark dent on the ecosystem by spreading right kind of knowledge to the people so the health of ecosystem improve.


  1. This is great article but i want to add some thing Intros Are Very Important for any YouTube channel. but many people think its a waste of time to put intros in videos. but thats totally a wrong concept. intros make your videos more engaging and attractive and it is of course the first thing people see. so put your time and hard work in making great intros. 🙂

    • Arbab Usmani
      June 22

      Thank you,

      Usman Bhai for your valuable comment

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