How To Make Youtube Intro Video For Free part 2 #ToolsKeFande

Every Youtuber wants to have a great intro and outro video but due to technical and creative limit they are not able to do so, few months back we shared a tutorial called HOW TO MAKE YOUTUBE CHANNEL INTRO FOR FREE, where we shared 3 simple tricks to make Intro, this is extension of that tutorial, this tutorial also will be the first Tutorials under #ToolsKefande, each week I will be sharing some tools with the community and explain what it does

Btw we also have an active thread over Youtube at our community

you can find thread here –

Now come back to the tutorial

Step 1 – Go to, once you go there, you will see various templates, choose any one

We have chosen this one –, click on ‘ Open with clipmaker’

Step 2 – Once you open this in clipmaker you will redirect to a dashboard where you can edit video

Choose video resolution according to your need, We have chosen 720P, you can choose higher or lower resolution

Now go to the object pan and edit texts, once you go to the object pan it will look like this

Now click on Text:NUCLEAR you will get an expanded pan like this

Edit the text whatever you want, We have choose a word called Nonlinear, we have started something to help early stage startups to grow and we named it ‘Nonlinear’

you can do many more changes according to your need

Again Change Text: mitoo according to your need just like we change Nuclear to Nonlinear

You can change camera animation according to the frame you want to see text

You can play this in two modes

  1. Raw Pan mode where you can not see how it will exactly look ( just press play button)
  2. Actual look, press the little eye button next to play and then play to see how actually it will look

Step 3 – Once everything done export it, there you will also get various options, choose it according to your need

It will start rendering, wait till it completes, maybe grab a smaosa with hari chatni 😀

Play with different templates, different settings and you will master this

Final Result –

Arbab Usmani Written by:

A self taught Growth Hacker cum Digital Marketing, who wants to mark dent on the ecosystem by spreading right kind of knowledge to the people so the health of ecosystem improve.

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