A Non Designer’s Guide To Design ( 13 Tools)

A Jugadu designer cannot be near any professional designer is for sure, but you can design a decent poster for your materials, here are the list of the tools you can use for the designing purpose and for this you don’t have to know any designing software, just your common sense is enough

  1. CanvaAmzanig and best free tool for designing anything, it has variety of options from social media to real estate flyer, from blog graphics to your business card, almost every kind of options are available herecanva-1Some of the design I made using CanvaA wallpaper for my desktopcanva-2A basic info graphics57
  2. DesygnerIt is very similar to Canva and very good alternative to Canvadesygner
  3. Spruce – This is best tool for twitter images, this is super fast tool for Twitter ready imagesNote – It might be down for some places
  4. Pablo By Buffer AppAmazing app for Instagram quote based Imagespablo
    Btw I have posted a video on how we can quickly create images using buffer few months back in my Facebook Profile
  5. Easel.lyWant to create Kick ass Info Graphics, then use hundreds of Free templates from hereeasyly
  6. VisageA great tool to create images with textvisage
  7. PiktochartThis is another great tool to create Info Graphics , personally I find this more user friendly than Easel.lypiktochart
  8. Infogr.amCreate info graphics, maps, charts, graph via any data in it, one of the very interesting way to represent your datainfogram
  9. Pixlr EditorIf you don’t have Photoshop Installed you can use this for basic work, It almost do every basic work Photoshop can dopixlr
  10. Quotes CoverGreat tool to create quote based imagesquote
  11. PictaculousThis tool can be used to find perfect color palette for your imagescolor-palate
  12. FotorJust like Canva, you can design many things in herefotor
  13. PlaceitYou can create iPhone app mock up with this, best thing about this is that you can make video mock up tooplace-it


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